Gratitude:                     Enjoy the little things

Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way.  Many times we take for granted even the most miniscule items that we use on a daily basis.   For example, your pillow. Something so common that we use to lay your head on to rest, to sleep on and even just to just ponder and reflect on.  Just think for a moment how much comfort your pillow gives you each and every and yet we don’t take the time to be thankful for that one item that gives you so much comfort.

Having an attitude of gratitude has many great positive health benefits.  Some of those benefits are … you sleep better, you exude positivity, you have a stronger immune system, you attract like-minded people, and kindness and compassion are your best friends.  The difference between happy people and unhappy people is their level of gratitude.  So take some time to write down what you are grateful for…it can be anything and can be done anywhere!

A simple way to start this practice is by getting a journal (any size, any color), place it on your night stand and each night just breathe in slowly as you begin to think of what you are grateful for.

Begin with just three simple entries along with the date…for example:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016:

  • Today I am grateful for my job.💕
  • Today I am grateful for my husband that loves me, respects me and values me.  💕
  • Today I am grateful for the surprise cupcake that my colleague gave to me in the morning.💕

So begin today to express your gratitude and remember to “enjoywhatyoulove”.

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Aging: A New Stage of Opportunity for Strength

Saludos Amigos  y Amigas!

As you already know from my first blog post I’m not a Spring chicken anymore!! Yikes!!😦  even though they say that 50 is the new 30 or even 40….whatever! Lol!  I am 51 years young, YES…you read right,  YOUNG, and thoroughly enjoying and loving this time of my life.💕 I can attribute my healthy life style to my healthy eating, vitamin supplementation, and daily exercising coupled with ENJOYING WHAT I LOVE to do,  which is “no matter where you are or who you are with,  you better have fuuuunnnnn!  Life is toooooooooooooo short to not enjoy yourself.

So as you all know, I did have a partial knee replacement and here she is pre-surgery! My knee, swollen and pudgy due to the bone on bone and no cartilage. I felt as though my knee would give out on me.

So I chose this blog’s title because I wanted to share my surgery experience with you.  If you have ever experienced surgery or will be getting surgery, I hope that my experience will get you through it and give you hope and peace of mind. Feel free to ask your questions or for any helpful tips and advice.

So on June 21st I had a partial knee implant to my right knee.  Before I had the surgery my doctor told me I was too young to have this surgery.  He asked me “what kind of lifestyle to do live?”  I confidently and boldly replied “well, I have been exercising all my life, since I was in elementary school, I’m hard core,  I wake up at 3:30 am Monday through Friday and by 4:00 am I’m at the gym killing it.”  He listened and understood, but that didn’t stop him from telling me I was too young.  Frankly,  I don’t see my surgery as a negative thing.  I see it as a new stage of opportunity for regaining my original body strength as now I will be able to perform the barbell squat, use the leg press, and do my favorite exercise the deadlift!  I am so excited and can’t hardly wait to be released to go back to the  gym! 💪✌👌👍

This was 3 days after the surgery.  I couldn’t do much of anything. I switched from sitting up on my bed to sitting on my recliner in the den.

My beautiful chauffer-daughter was commissioned to drive Ms. Daisy (me, haha) to and from my doctor appoinments…it did fee nice to be driven around!!
I’m at my doctors office and I just got called in to get my knee X-rayed.  Let’s do this!!
Yikes!!  In the waiting from, doctor is about to come in  and see the      X-ray results….

Eighteen days have passed since I had the surgery.  Thinking back of day 2 and day 3, I so wanted to cut my leg offffff.🤕😭😨 The pain was so excruciating that I even broke down in tears…I wasn’t so bad ass then!  I had to quickly organize myself and schedule my pain meds, hydrocodone and motrin. Those were my best friends!! Lol! As the days progressed, probably on day 6 that’s when the pain and inflammation began to subside.  Finally, I began to feel better.

This picture was taken 3 days after my surgery.
I had to do daily exercises using an electric therapy machine. I used this machine 2-3 times each day for 2 hours. This was a great device to use to the the knee to bend to a specific degree.

The physical therapist started coming in 3 times a week and began working on my leg. He gave me specific exercises to do and tips for moving my leg.  Fast forward to today…I have been released from the PT home visits. Yay!!  I’m scheduled to go to the doctor to remove the “ever clear” tape that covers my suture in 3 days and will continue my therapy at the doctor’s office. Smooth sailing is in sight.

4 Staples were removed from the thigh and the tibia..
This is what my knee looks like today.  I still have the everclear tape, it will be removed in 2 more days.  Yay!

All in all, I can honestly say that I have had a very positive recovery as I am ahead of schedule,  per my physical therapist (he was awesome!). My goal now is to have full range of motion, such that it’s comparable to my left knee.  I can do this!  It’s all a mindset,  tell yourself that you can,  and you will and can… for damn sure!👍

This was my first lunch outing with my children, Erik and Erika and my beautiful mom.  I was not nice to get out of the house and see the sunshine!

Good luck to you if you will be undergoing surgery soon!  Stay positive and only speak positive words and phrases.  All the positivity that you think and speak will manifest itself in a successful recovery!  Remember to “enjoy what you love”.






First blog post💕

This is the post excerpt.

Hi there everyone!  I’m so excited to start blogging for the very first time. I’m new to this endeavor so bear with me as I learn more about blogging. Yikes!!  🙂  I have chosen the name of my site “enjoywhatyoulove” because I believe that every individual has their passions that they love, whether small or large, or weird or quirky….every individual has a story to tell.  I am fascinated by life itself and I consider myself to be a life long learner.  I am an educator at heart and I am proud to be a Mexican-American.  I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and currently reside in the beautiful Sun City, El Paso, Texas.  I am not a Spring chicken by all means, as I am 51 years old. Therefore, I can honestly say I have some vast life experiences worthy of sharing and blogging about.

The reason I started this blog is because on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 I had a partial knee implant to my right knee.  So I have had a lot of  down time and it became the perfect opportunity to begin this blogging site.  My vision for my site is to connect with people from all over the world, especially from my city where I reside, here in El Paso, Texas, and to learn from their experiences as well.  I’m a social individual and I love to have fun whereever I go and no matter who I’m with. I love to make friends and learn from them.  My motto is “Life is too short to not live it to the fullest!”  So enjoywhatyoulove to do!

Some of my passions are…

  • working out: weightlifting, strongman, crossfit
  • enjoying family & friends
  • cooking
  • teaching and learning
  • leadership and working
  • positivity
  • arts and crafts  (any and all kinds)
  • trying out new restaurants (Yummy!)


Feel free to post your comments below and submit.  I will get back to you!